Wednesday 28 October 2015


This post is an amalgam of two recent ones which have now been deleted

The title THROUGH THE HEDGE is an alternative to the previous THE UNKNOWABLE NEXT Both titles belong with the same set of words  Although, as a reminder, the latter refers back to an earlier post and the advice from an Inuit elder - that at times of struggle it can help to sit down with a good memory from your past until you can work out what's next

The idea that the most recent batch of words might be added to the CLOWN IN A PRAM selection on Bandcamp has been abandoned

A new selection, with the provisional title THROUGH THE HEDGE, is in the process of being recorded Several of the tracks are probably more suited to being lyrics so I am uncertain just now what their eventual fate might be 

At the present time there are ten possible tracks and as these include INTO THE BIN I intend to use a photograph of a bin for the selection