Thursday 8 October 2015


Although exhausted from leaping between Word and PDF documents and attempting to circumvent unfamiliar formats on the way to achieving a reasonably acceptable outcome I will - nevertheless - soon have two copies of the blog book

The first - a black and white version (which I will add to the copies of other books I've made) helped me to get to the second which is perhaps a more interesting product. Much reduced in content (that was an improvement) it also has coloured images. 
Was it worth the effort? The answer is I don't know

But the deed is done and while the books might get dusted in future - depending on where they are stored - they will definitely not be receiving any further editing. 

There have been some gains as previously suggested. I rarely read what I have written on the blogs so the process of re formatting the content has forced me to read some of the posts. And therein lies a story for the telling elsewhere - if at all.