Wednesday 15 April 2015


A SAP (in capital letters), as can be imagined, is frequently in need of some sort of assistance.

And, in the seeking of that assistance a SAP is likely to get drawn into situations which require them to seek assistance.

Sometimes a SAP, having failed to find the assistance they require tries to be their own assistant.
This rarely works out well.

Whatever task the SAP attempts there is usually a deficit of necessary knowledge. Or in the case of an older SAP there can be a lack of energy.

But sometimes an old SAP begins to realise, after life long experience, that the assistance which is usually available belongs in two main camps.
These can be roughly described as the helping out camp -populated by those inclined to help - and the help yourself to what you can camp. 

Unfortunately a SAP rarely knows which is which until they find themselves firmly ensconced in one or the other. And only when a SAP is well into one or the other do they begin to fully understand which one they are in.

It is at this juncture that a SAP is likely to seek assistance.