Sunday 17 January 2016


The songs on the selection TELL ME THAT NOW are listed below They can now be heard on Bandcamp at

With the exception of the three tracks with arrangements by Wild Biscuit Music this is an acoustic only selection of songs

1.     A Perfect Landing (with WBM arrangement)
2.     Don't Sigh Even Slightly
3.     Still I Love You
4.     My Love is velvet
5.     Two Inches Tall (with WBM arrangement)
6.     The Mountain
7.     I Walked Out One Morning
8.     You'll Like it at the Waterworks
9.     Lowlands
10. Tell Me That Now (with WBM arrangement)

The following comments are some of those which were used for the songs during previous outings:

1 A Perfect Landing was written in response to the suggestion that a Reiki healing could travel 8000 miles and rid me of a heavy cold

2 Don't Sigh is just another of the many love songs I have written although I do like the chorus

3 Still I love You was one of the first love songs I wrote and I have a memory of singing it to people I had never met before in a house in Muswell Hill London England

4  I am unsure what to say about My Love is Velvet so will say nothing

5 Information about Two Inches Tall can be found on my web site at but most of it refers to the recording by Tom Conti  However, Wild Biscuit originally provided the arrangement for my spoken word version and it is good to have it included in this selection

6 The Mountain is surely the song with the most obvious statements ever But it has powerful associations for me

7 The walking out referred to in this song took me to the beach across the road from the house where I originally lived in Masset Haida Gwaii

8 A very early song written after being taken by friends, for the first time, for a walk around the Waterworks in Glasgow

9 There are numerous lyrics for this famous shanty but I recorded the version which I used to sing often a long time ago

10 Also written a very long time ago after the loss of a good friend: it is now a reminder of others who are no longer around