Friday 8 January 2016


Was it a mistake or an aberration? Should I enjoy it or be confounded? Well so far I am enjoying it

When making one of my occasional visits to Reverbnation a site which offers many opportunities to get ones songs heard and which (with the exception of YESTERDAY I FELT TWO INCHES TALL) has rejected all my submissions - I came across the information which is posted below

My material is in the Spoken Word category because, having begun recording a lot of spoken word tracks, that was where I felt it belonged But I also discovered that being in that category rather than e.g. Singer Songwriter (which I thoroughly dislike anyway) my rankings would be improved 

Then, for some reason beyond my comprehension, I saw that my local Rank had continued to be No1 (where it had been for a long time) but my National rank had changed to No 1 and my Global rank had jumped up 215 places to No 3!

And even as I write this I am taking it to be an aberration But for now I do also confess to being unbelievably delighted 

PS The Global Rank for all genres was 118,829 and this had a steadying effect on my euphoria But then a few days later the Global Rank (all genres) jumped up number to 77,219 and then 58,473 And by January 30th the Global Rank was back to 2 and the Global (all genres) was down to 721 

However on February 17th 2016 the ranks are as printed below and I am even more perplexed than I was before