Friday 31 March 2017


The words below the image were written on the morning of March 31st 2017 They came from seeing the photograph of 'Wendy Bread' aka Wendy Riley who ran the cafe and bakery on Haida Gwaii know as Moon Over Naikoon

In a while i expect to record them and add them to a selection of other spoken word tracks which belong with my long ago and more recent days on the islands

Here's another one
There and then gone

With such pleasure
It breaks into your head and heart
More like a pain

And then again
You are left feeling
It's a damned shame

I can speak your name
I can remember your kindness
I can recall seeing the bear across the river
From your kitchen window

And as my eyes can't stop
Filling with tears
I can say again
It's a damned shame
That I can't speak your name
To you