Wednesday 21 June 2017


In moving towards the release of the seventh re-issue, THE UNKNOWABLE NEXT, there were two difficulties - and one was self inflicted 

In amongst the tracks on the final version of the album there are several doublers And they are there because I had chosen not to listen to the entire 135 tracks before the CD was sent on its way to be manufactured 

My only excuse is that by this stage in the process I had had enough of hearing my own voice speaking words I had written and I wanted to move on and leave them well behind However, in choosing not to listen I was going against the intention to make this a well presented album And had I listened the doublers would have been identified and removed 

It also became belatedly apparent that they had been created in part by having used two different kinds of titles for some of the tracks - the made up and those which used the first line 

The second difficulty related to how the album would be made available for others to hear Because it consists of spoken word tracks it was considered unlikely to have much appeal and the plan was to restrict its availability i.e. it would not be submitted to any of the main music sites nor would it to be sent out - as had happened with the previous re-issues - to possible interested radio stations 

The intention was to make it available on Bandcamp as a CD only but this had to be abandoned when it was discovered that they do not allow CDs to be listed unless they have a downloadable component

Fortunately there was a solution which would address both the problem of the doublers and the Bandcamp constraints Also, it would save me from the task of uploading the full album of 135 tracks 

The solution was to compile a doubler-free downloadable selection of tracks called THE UNKNOWABLE SELECT This would fulfill the Bandcamp requirements and once in place on their site it could be linked to the double album CD This would be listed as added merchandise  

This is now available to be pre-ordered on Bandcamp at

PS My decision not to listen to the full album of course prompts the question of whether or not I should expect anyone else to spend time listening to it