Wednesday 17 January 2018


In amongst the lyric videos which I was revisiting recently I saw an old attempt to devise an Electronic Press Kit (usually referred to as an EPK) Disliking what I saw I decided to get rid of it and have another another go 

The new one is now in the making

Some images have been identified and some words have been chosen All that remains is for me to record the words and align them with the images This will need to wait until I am reunited with my main recording equipment but having got this far I am impatient to declare that it is on its way

And I can achieve that (if only for my satisfaction) with the above comments and an image from the EPK which, as you will see below, is of a wall

                                    With this EPK I may be paying homage to my father

P.S There is a coloured version of the wall but as some of the other images are not coloured I am choosing to make them all black and white