Monday 22 January 2018


Rather than the (elsewhere mentioned and aspired to) good tuneful singable song - the one I chose to use on the next lyric video could be accurately described as a dirge

Of course I did not think this when I was working on it but having now revisited it - in preparation for the video - and having checked up on the definition of a dirge* I have now wholeheartedly accepted it is one And without any hesitation I have taken on board the message from the lyric itself to 'leave it behind' But not until the video has been completed 

Anyway, once I had lined up the song to work on - and in keeping with - at times - a troubling - at times - tendency to persevere - it would have been harder to give up on it than to continue with it

Several failed attempts were made to shorten the track but I eventually decided to use the full length version It had been professionally mastered and it proved difficult to neatly lopp off the numerous repetitions at the end: although I appreciated it was in need of some radical lopping

The image is as stolen as it was the last time I used it Its relevance to the song only becomes evident well into the track And for anyone for whom a dirge might have some appeal - as it obviously had for me when I recorded it: the video is now on Youtube at - for a while

* A dirge is a song or piece of music that is considered too slow, miserable, or boring