Saturday 27 June 2015


A box containing a microphone was delivered to my door today And as this is a site about words songs and images - and with nothing better to do - I decided to take a photograph of the box and post it on here

I may also have chosen to take the photograph because it reminded me of those little beds one used to make for little dolls Or the reminiscing followed the taking of photograph Either way I then found myself (well I have not done that yet) writing some daft words about the box 

I might have stopped
It would have been something of a relief to stop
I have notebooks full of unstoppable words 
But it isn't easy as is evidenced in the full notebooks

Exactly why I would choose to take the photograph is beyond me just now although I expect the real reason is likely to become apparent - and at a time when I wish it hadn't - become apparent that is  And with hadn't and apparent rhyming and appearing in the same sentence, and fearing they might be a trigger to write more daft words, I am moving on quickly to the image below

And below in the smallest text available to me on this site are the previously mentioned daft words

If I had a dolly I might put it in this box Close the lid To keep it there Keep it 'til the rocks 
Of the earth Got melted And socks lost the ribs That rub against your toes When your shoes don't fit 

If I had a dolly I might make this her bed Sew a little pillow For underneath her head 
Leave the lid open See her sleeping in there Sleeping like a baby With soft flimsy hair

If I had nothing To put inside the box I'd be glad to have had Such a lovely box 
I might choose to close the lid Store it on a shelf And keep it for always All to myself

And there it was before the next morning had arrived. Of course the dolly is little me. And all little me's always need a safe and cozy bed to sleep in And there you have it There's always a reason - and that's as much of this one as I intend to provide

Also of interest; it is a reaffirmation that the lyrics I write often tell me what I know before I know it myself