Monday 15 June 2015


Words I did not intend to write - and entitled OUT TO THE WILDS OF HAIDA GWAII appeared several days ago and I have recorded them. They came out in a oner except for two words which were moved sideways and on to a different line. I was also not intending to get them worked on but it seems likely they will be getting dressed up a bit before going out and about on here and/or elsewhere 

And they are being followed, or preceded (it is not known at the time of writing) by my latest attempt at making a song. My enthusiasm for it may be misguided - and I am no stranger to being so - but there have been moments of acute delight in the making of it. 

I am a realist when it comes to delight but I will be hanging on to this lot for a while

The main pleasure came from having acquired part of the tune very soon after completing the words. And it refused to go away. I did ask friends if it sounded like one they had heard before but they said no. I was of course not convinced. And as not being convinced is a feature of the song it seemed appropriate not to be - convinced. 

Others may hear and declare that there are similarities with  . . . but for me it is long past that stage. And here is another interesting part of the story - well it is for me. I got the tune from a piano. The first time for a very long time I have used a piano - or might one say that a piano used me. The last time it happened was for the song LIKE A SWEET WARM LIGHT.

So, after hearing the tune in my head for several days, I downloaded a keyboard app and played it over and over while sitting in bed. In between the bed episodes I returned to the piano to make sure the piano was comfortable with the tune I had arrived at.

I was uncertain about whether or not to record it. I began to consider singing it without any guitar accompaniment. I made no effort to find guitar chords for it. And then, as happens, the right moment arrived and I found myself switching on my recording equipment and singing it unaccompanied, all the way through. 

My guitar was alongside me and I reached for it and used it for another take. I tried two more of a similar kind. 

By the fifth take I was increasing the tempo and thumping my foot on a wooden box I keep beside my equipment. The sixth take was similar to the fifth but I forgot the tune at one point and when listening to the six takes later it was only the foot thumping fifth that I felt might work

And that is the track which will be getting dressed up for being on line, hopefully, sometime soon. And it is the track which has provided the title for this post.