Tuesday 18 August 2015


What is it about the place? I have asked myself the question so many times. This latest looking back is again in obeyance to the notion that doing so is likely to facilitate going forward - which is after all the decreed and generally accepted direction in which to travel

But if I am ever to have any sort of understanding of why I feel so strongly associated with Masset - for somehow it is the town itself which exerts the strongest pull - then I need to linger and to resist the urge to go anywhere but stay with the associated feelings and let them have their say

And paradoxically for that to happen in its own time I need to stop saying more and to move quietly aside while leaving the image below to make its contribution to finding an answer

The photograph was taken from the dock in Masset 
It was here that I first stepped on to the land of Haida Gwaii and it was from this viewpoint just a few days ago that I looked back towards the area of the town where I stayed for the majority of my time there