Friday 14 August 2015


Two days after posting WALTER- AND THE WREN AGAIN, a plate, recently forgotten about, is noticed on a shelf alongside some books 
For several years it has been carefully stored in a cupboard but last year it was brought out and used as a container for an assortment of horse chestnuts - some in their cases, some having pushed their way out  - like conkers being born

But memories associated with the plate were immediately aroused It had been a gift from the man spoken of in the comments which accompany the track LOWLANDS AWAY on Bandcamp 

And from some of the text around the rim I was reminded, although I was not altogether certain, that the plate was about the wren 

But what were all the words and what, if anything was underneath them 
And before removing the chestnuts to find out I took a photograph 


And after placing the chestnuts in a paper bag I take another photograph

And having got this far I need, for my own reasons, to say that, as far as I am aware, I was not on the look out for more about wrens - for more anything about wrens - although I am open to thinking that information about wrens might have been looking for me

The track LOWLANDS AWAY is not at all polished It has been mastered but not arranged and leaving aside my rather low key performance it is a beautiful song It can be heard on Bandcamp at

There is nothing more to be said just now about the man who made the gift However I have begun writing about the last time I was with him and hope it will be continued 

The plate was made by John and Jennifer Davies: Potters of Tlell Haida Gwaii

Information on conkers and horse chestnuts can be accessed using the links below