Sunday 20 December 2015


Deciding on titles is an interesting activity usually requiring a search of what is already out there Recently I decided on a title which no one else had used and was delighted So much so I bought the .com URL and checking on blog titles found it was also available there  Double delights then. And I expect that Double Delights is the name of a product - although I may not try to find that out

Talking to myself as I frequently do, mostly inside my head, I have always thought of the process I have been involved in for several years as 'the big sort' And today thinking I might make use of it for a post I decided to check it out. Alas it has been taken, and in such a way I would not consider using it. The link to a book with the title is below

Adjusting to that discovery, and aware that my big sort is of minor proportions I have gone for what I think is an adequate solution i.e.The Little Big Sort

As for providing the reason I wanted to use the Big Sort title for this post; I intend holding off for a while  The time to say more has not yet arrived But I am eager to share it  And while waiting for anything is not one of my strengths I will be practising it - with difficulty