Thursday 10 December 2015

I'M SANTA CLAUS I'M YOURS - baby I'm yours

I've just arrived here from uploading the song I'M SANTA CLAUS I'M YOURS on Bandcamp 
The link is

It is the second time the song has been up there and on neither occasion have I felt it was ready to be there But hey ho as Santa might say - better something than nothing 

The story of this rather scrawny little song's most recent plight goes like this

I tried to get it a new dress for Christmas (something that might help disguise this sung by someone for whom butter would not melt version) But the dress did not fit Indeed not only did the dress not fit -  the song refused to wear it 

This required me to think again and make do with whatever else was available And this is all I could find But at least the present attire has never been seen or heard before And perhaps that is about all that might be said in its favour 

As for the image: a version of this was also previously 'out there' It was roughly drawn one Christmas long ago using expensive felt pens on a plywood board