Thursday 31 March 2016


This post is a revised version of an earlier one
The song Stay with it Baby - with a backing - will soon be on Bandcamp as part of the selection BLUES OF A SORT  

The lyrics were written by Joan Ure and there is more about her on my web site at

In thinking about an image I might use for the track I was unable to find the original words for the song as written or typed by Joan Ure  And as she was always very particular about the punctuation I have avoided writing them down anywhere 

But the words for the song were in my head and I am confident they are correct - although the emphases in the singing of them may not be as accurate as Joan Ure would have liked them to be

Also, as I wanted to use an image which was closely associated with her, I have chosen to use other words by her - as they were sent to me - on the paper on which she had typed them