Tuesday 19 July 2016


The date for the re-issue of MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN A ROAD - as a professionally manufactured CD - will be July 25th 2016 

The image on the cover of the digi-sleeve will replace the old one on Bandcamp and I am hoping to find out how to sell physical CDs from that site

It will not be surprising if I fail to do so because after a quick glance it looks rather complicated for my kind of brain

The CD has been priced by those assisting me with this release at £5.99 but my own feeling is that it should be sold for no more than a fiver  That however does not solve the problem of how to sell it And when I have wised up a bit I will come back here to share my new found wisdom with anyone who reads these posts 
And by the way to anyone who does - I really appreciate it

Well, after several hours of seeking to understand more about the direct selling of CDs - and this has included making an unsuccessful attempt to set up a new web site solely for that purpose, I made a weary return to Bandcamp 

What I was eventually able to manage when I got there will be apparent on Monday 25th