Sunday 31 July 2016


And sometimes I have the answer

For a very long time I had a white painted piano in my apartment and I played it occasionally On one of those occasions I was in the company of Joan Ure 
I had been working on a song called LIKE A SWEET WARM LIGHT and we sang it together, over and over until it had become the song it is now - and until we could sing it no more But we did enjoy the experience and it did provide us both with a feeling of relief And we were both in need of something of the sort at the time There are better words for what the song provided but relief will do for now

Then, this morning, I happened upon the song and decided to test it out with a Crowd Review on Reverbnation Now I know before I receive the comments which will arrive in about five days time that it is likely to achieve a low score This is not difficult to predict Most of what I have put on there (with the exception of Where the Last Tide Runs - for reasons I still don't fully understand) get a low score

So why, knowing this, did I choose to spend US$9.95 on the review? Well, in some ways the review is incidental Having sung along with it myself this morning, and recalling how much pleasure it provided at the time it was taking shape I thought- even if I was paying to get it heard, why not! 

And when the twenty strangers have listened and commented I will post the worst and the best comments here - maybe

Also it was once available on Bandcamp and will be again It was hidden away in a compilation entitled THE BAD GIRL and other disparates which is no longer available on that site So, it has been reloaded with a slightly refreshed image and the link is below