Wednesday 14 September 2016


The official release date for the second in the series of re-issues is September 21st
Entitled A PERFECT LANDING it can be pre-ordered at

It is a selection of fifteen old love songs which includes acoustic only, spoken word with music and professionally arranged tracks They were chosen for this album during a stay on the island of Tiree 

With the exception of THE WATER IS DEEP most of the songs were written, and all were recorded, in Glasgow, Scotland

As previously mentioned, the overall aim of the series is to present something of the range of songs which have been produced over several decades and to have them better dressed for the occasion The images which are being used to achieve this - for this album - are from photographs taken recently on Tiree in Scotland

Front cover image 
For those who are familiar with the material they will not find anything new in the selection although it has been remastered and the order of the tracks will hopefully add to the listening experience The title A PERFECT LANDING has also been used before but using it again was unavoidable 

A list of the songs on the album can be seen on the back cover below 

More information on the song The Water is Deep can be found at