Friday 2 September 2016


The selection of songs entitled OUT THERE SOMEWHERE originally consisted of three tracks The revised selection has ten

The opening and closing tracks are the previously released singles GO ON THEN CONVINCE ME and ON THE ROAD TO HAID GWAII And in-between are eight spoken word tracks Some of these have not previously been 'out there' - although I cannot be completely sure about that 

What I can say - with certainly - is that the above selection and the planned series of re-issues of my material - is not motivated by a wish to make money 

It is, as the title of the post implies, a desire to present it in a more pleasing way - and this includes dressing it up in some professionally designed attire

I would also like to alert those who are interested in the material on Bandcamp that OUT THERE SOMEWHERE has been revised There were two equally demanding ways to achieve this and the one I have chosen requires me to reload the tracks And in consideration of those who purchased the original three track version the ten track selection is free to download 

For anyone interested; below is a link to a wikipedia article on the subject of re-issues