Friday 10 February 2017

CRYING OUT INDEED- with delight!

There is a - what will I call it -  can't find the word - review on
I was made aware of its existence this morning and after an unsettling read I have been wandering around, no wondering aloud - again - if it has anything to do with me! But it has and I feel very honoured to have someone write such positive things about what I do

It can be found at

The comments in the review also fully recognize how much the tracks are indebted to GEOFF ALLAN, master sound engineer, BRIAN MCNEILL who contributed in many ways to the tracks - including the chorus of the song Alone on the Road, FRASER SPIERS the incomparable player of the blues harp and BRIAN YOUNG, owner extraordinaire of the CAVA SOUND STUDIOS GLASGOW who has patiently dealt with my often idiosyncratic requests with good grace and much expertise for several years now

The photograph below is from the home page of the Cavasound web site and the link is 

The Neve VR Legend at CavaSound

The title of this post is taken from the last paragraph of the review and I am smiling somewhat awkwardly as I reproduce it 

'Sheila K Cameron is a unique artist whose work deserves a wider audience. Her songs cry out to be heard and will no doubt be reinterpreted by singers of the future. This album is a little treasure trove for lovers of the quirky, the downbeat, the blues'.
Su O’Brien

The link to the album on Bandcamp is