Wednesday 8 February 2017


There have been several different versions and mixes of the song BENEATH THE APPLE TREE and the latest one has acquired the differentiating title used in this post
It is unlikely to stick but for now it suits present purposes

Also, putting it out today is another example of my 'jumping the gun' The longer term plan is to include it in a selection of the songs which were not included in the three re-issues completed so far

However, this new mix is fresh from the mastering magician and the tendency to get a newly completed track out there is not being resisted And there is another reason Since I rediscovered this version several weeks ago it has refused to leave me alone and this might rescue me from it

The link to the song on Bandcamp is
and it will be free there for a while
 Vaguely resembling the writer and the singer of the song
The image is a mock up which has been contrived from a painting called THE BARE TREE And, in the original painting, the tree is bare 

This image has been used and altered numerous times for other purposes A print taken from the original is featured on the home page of the GLALELL site at

The apple was added to this version of the image long ago
have been times when it did not merit a place but whenever it has made an appearance it has always been cherished - for as long as it has stayed around