Sunday 19 October 2014

CATCHING UP with the relatively recent

In no particular order are some of the projects (also mentioned elsewhere on this site) which have been completed over the past few months.
Included are links to other sites on which further information can be accessed.

IT IT HAD NOT BEEN SO DARK - a selection of words available in a small book and on a CD

THE INESCAPABLE ROAD - four selections of words available as a printed book and now on a DVD as recorded spoken word tracks

PEA SOUP - a short and rather silly play using the pseudonym S Dumpie, an anagram of Mud Pies

ONE FOOT ON ONE OFF: rhymes and dialogues in the treatment of a carthorse - this has undergone further edits and has now been printed. But so far it has been kept as a private document.  It may be made available soon but before that happens the cover will be revised, probably using the intentionally soft focused image below

MAKING CUSTTAD - the final edit for the print version and its conversion into an ebook

BALANCING THE REQUEST - reformatted for conversion as an ebook

MORE CUSTTAD - the sorting and repackaging of all files folders photographs and miscellaneous document associated with the development of Custtad

SO SAID THE SAP - with a small paper collage. Now in a small book and on a CD

THE WOMAN IN THE WHITE CAR -which, after the final edit had its title changed from NATHAN'S STORY

THE BAD GIRL PUPPET - roughly made from bits of paper and glued onto a wooden rod stick, it is waiting to be used in an equally rough video of the song BAD GIRL BLUES.

BIG BLACK EVERYTHING - this was an old black folder which contained most of the words and lyrics I have written. It was from the material which was found in this folder that the selection of 150 items, now referred to as OLD GOES at writing songs, were taken .

NEW RECORDINGS - some old and some new tracks are being worked on. The cover version of THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE is now complete and the license for this has now been obtained. The song can be heard at From now on information about any new songs will be posted on a separate page