Monday 6 October 2014


Perhaps at last I will do what I have intended to do for many months. And that is to save a copy of all my completed songs, lyrics and other material onto an external hard drive and have them all available whenever I want to use or refer to them. This will certainly be an improvement on what I usually do i.e. search long and hard through loads of inadequately named folders and documents.  

And as I begin the task of sorting through the documents on my computer - and while waiting to collect a new hard drive I have come across a photograph which for me belongs with my work. And I will give it the title


Apart from playing netball at school, it was as school captain, and behind the main entrance doors at playtime and lunchtime, that I had my earliest experiences in the delights of kissing. Certainly with Brian, the boy on the left and with the one in the centre. I am not sure about the other one.
I think the relevance of the photograph can be found in some of the songs I have written. Below is a link to an example.