Sunday 26 October 2014


From October 13th to the 26th The First time Ever was being played on WOS Radio in their  1970's Cover Series.  And now two songs, Drink to Me Only and Black is the Colour from the CD PAST LOVES are being featured in 

"We've Got It Covered" (Standards of the Great American Songbook) Airs Daily at 8 PM ET (5 PM PT) from November 10-23, 2014. 

The list of songs can be accessed on the WOS RADIO site at

All the tracks from PAST LOVES can be heard using the link This can also be found in the post on this site entitled THE INADVERTENT DELIGHT 

The photograph above is of Bree Noble the founder and CEO of Women of Substance Radio. More about Bree and the station can be accessed at

Of the broadcasters who have helped me along the road of getting heard Bree Noble is up there along with Iain Anderson and Tony Currie of Radio Six International. Tony's Station is at