Monday 26 January 2015


The selection for the CD is now complete and there will be no more changes to it - or to the title.

I will require an image if I decide to upload the songs to Bandcamp and at present I have no idea what I might use. But having said that I am immediately contemplating using a photograph of me looking into the sun and one in which I look exactly as I did on the day it was taken. And the songs can be heard as they did on the day they were recorded. 

However, the tracks have been mastered - with some necessary de-essing - so I may try to soften up the photograph a bit - although if I am continuing to be under the influence of Neil I should not be hesitating about this. The image would also be in line with a line from one of the songs on the CD 'Taking it down to where I don't count.' 

The photograph below then is of Neil up front and very real. Mine is alongside 
and underneath them both I will put a link to Bandcamp if I decide to upload the songs to that site.