Wednesday 21 January 2015


The selection of tracks referred to previously on this blog as THE 35 has now been mastered and decisions have been made about what should remain on it and what to do with it.

One particularly awful song has been removed as it sounded like an advert for shampoo. One song was deleted early on (as mentioned elsewhere) quite simply because it was a 'doubler'. 

There are others which should probably get the chop but in some ways this would defeat the purpose of letting them be seen for what they are. I think that the selection could be accurately described as a sample of attempts at song writing.

A few of the songs have appeared in other selections but most are not in that category. Several have been considered as candidates for working on as singles but leaving them in THE 35 does not preclude them from this happening in future.

I suppose it could have been made into a more interesting selection had I chosen to reorder the songs but to be honest I couldn't be bothered. There would have been so many possible variations. So, they are in the same haphazard order in which they were submitted to the studio. And it has to be said that the opening track entitled MOVING WITH MY EYES ABOVE (whatever that was supposed to mean at the time of writing it in Alberta long ago) features intrusive foot thumping throughout and is interrupted by the sound of what might be breaking glass. 

As for who might be bothered listening to the entire selection my expectations are low. But as with most of what I do, somewhere along the track I felt I wanted to do this and now its done. And there is some satisfaction in that. 

A copy of the CD (retaining the title of THE 35  - although it will consist of only 33 tracks) will probably appear on Bandcamp sometime soon.