Monday 19 January 2015


I was looking for an old written out lyric of the folk song THE WATER IS DEEP (sometimes called The Water is Wide) when I came upon the SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW song. And I continue to wait impatiently for the backing which might or might not arrive.

In the meantime, as I attempted to deal with the impatience I decided to record THE WATER IS DEEP. Keeping to my approach of taking the rough with the smooth this recording leans heavily towards the rough stuff. 

Also my recently refurbished aspiration is to be alert to inadvertent delights and it would be splendid if this recording provided one for some stranger or someone who likes to sing along to a good tune.

The image I am using here and on Bandcamp is cropped from a photograph taken from the ferry which crosses from Alliford Bay to Skidegate Landing on Haida Gwaii.