Monday 1 August 2016


In May 2015 I posted some comments which can be read using the link below
The title of the post was JONI, THE SAP, THE MAN AND THE TRAM

And recently as I was walking down Huntly Gardens in Glasgow I remembered holding the hand of a small boy aged about three who pointed out to me that the word Grosvenor in one of the street signs was the same as in Grosvenor pie 

I knew nothing of the pies then and I knew nothing of SONG DONG until this morning, but they both now belong for me with the son of the man in the tram And if you follow the link below you might work out why

The image belongs with a Grosvenor pie 

And as i was looking around for other connections I came across the following comment 
'I have always wondered how Grosvenor pie is made. Can anyone explain how the egg goes all the way along?"

If I were the head of the Department of Philosophy at a leading university I would insist that the above was a compulsory question on the final examination paper. I would also award first class honours to anyone brave enough to answer it'.

As for a connection with songs it belongs with one word only and working that out should be easier