Monday 29 August 2016


Well it has to go somewhere and this morning it has 

The selection entitled OUT THERE SOMEWHERE, which has been on Bandcamp since last year, has taken on a few more of the 'unruly' words which I had lying around And having them on there is another part of the consolidation process

The words are either tenuously or directly associated with HAIDA GWAII 

Also, in the text alongside the tracks, on Bandcamp, I have said that they are about loss - and they most certainly are! What I initially forgot to mention there and here is that the selection consists of two songs (the first and the last tracks) and in between them are eight of spoken words

The link to the revised and topped up version of the selection is

There is mention in the words of 'the roads you walked' and below is one of the roads

There is a sign nailed to a tree on the right of the road It has the word bread written on it and it lets you know that you are about to reach a cafe called MOON OVER NAIKOON

And ending this post with something happier; here is Wendy Bread (as I refer to her) making pizza alongside some of the bread you will find there

PS There was a problem with the tagging on the selection which meant that no one was told of the re-issue This has I think been rememdied