Wednesday 26 April 2017

KISS DEEP and the missing beat

The sixth re-issue of the series gathers together a selection of very different tracks They will complete for now the task of presenting something of the range of material which has been produced during a lengthy involvement with the preoccupation of song writing

With a few exceptions they also represent what can happen when the help of others is sought for the purpose of enhancing some relatively sparse acoustic recordings They do have in common the lyrics which are all by the same writer

Some of the tracks were initially included in much earlier attempts to get the songs heard and there was some uncertainty about including them in this selection The deciding factor was simple It was felt that they were worthy of a hearing and they would be more likely to get one, if given a second chance, on this later and more professionally produced album.

The musicians who contributed to the album, including those who mixed mastered or arranged the tracks, were Geoff Allan, Jennifer Clark, Miles Jackson, Brian McNeill, Mags Russel, John V Saich, Fraser Spiers and Brian Young

The album is now available as a pre-order on Bandcamp at