Saturday 8 April 2017


The Ian is Ian D Hall and he has written a splendid review of RUN THROUGH SIDE A and it is so special I am choosing not to copy and paste it here 
It is too good for me 
Have you ever had that rare feeling? 
Well I've got it now

Of all that might have been said about this small album Ian has revealed his truly poetic nature and commented in ways that take me beyond the known me to a different me For now I intend to hang on to it and try not to do anything to scare it away

The review could have only been written by a poet and in a previous post, on this site, in response to Ian's review of MORE LIKE A RIVER I had said

'Fulfilling the oft mentioned desire to discover that some of my songs had been heard and liked by a complete stranger -  along came Ian D Hall - and this is surely the best liking I could have hoped for!'

Below is his photograph and below that is a link to a review for Ian Hall's recently published book Black Book: An Anthology, 2003-2015