Wednesday 12 April 2017


In the previous post are comments about my response to Ian Hall's review of RUN THROUGH SIDE A And what I wrote then is similar to what I thought and felt when I read Ian's review of PAST LOVES, another recent re-issue

Both of these albums are small and were intended mainly to contribute to what I thought I was doing i.e tidying up all the material I had lying around and getting it out there more professionally presented and attired than I had managed with my earlier attempts They were also meant to illustrate something of the range of the material I had produced 

That task is ongoing and the possible sixth re-issue is in the making But only when it is complete along with a selection of spoken word tracks will I consider I have got anywhere near to that original intention

But, as the plan was unfolding along came this guy who did exactly what I had needed For some reason which may be a defensive one - although it does not feel like that (and I have said this many times now) I can be delighted, relieved and overall artistically satisfied to receive positive comments about my work from a total stranger Some words entitled A ROUND OF CLAPPIES comes close to explaining my attitude to this whole pre-occupation of song writing 
Perhaps I will post them sometime soon

Now Ian was a desirable stranger when I first read his comments about RUN THROUGH Now however he is not so strange! And what is stranger and contradicts what I have just said - I am responding to his second review with as much delight as I did for the first one 

Impressed then by the way he writes - and doubly impressed of course that he has written so beautifully about my recordings - I have overcome my previous reticence and will post his review in full  And rather than do so along with these comments it will be given its own place in the next post  

Re the title of this one: the songs on the album PAST LOVES were songs I once sang and loved - Ian Hall is a present delight

The link to the album Bandcamp is