Monday 3 April 2017


The hoot was on hearing the backing for a new track entitled ITS THAT TIME OF MY LIFE - AGAIN  At the time I thought it was a hoot but no longer know why I thought that
It may soon get an airing on Bandcamp or somewhere else

The codswallop was on reading a review of the re-issues of PAST LOVES and RUN THROUGH SIDE A This was by someone who had omitted to read the text on the digi sleeves and was also making inaccurate assumptions about why I had even considered re-issuing these particularly small albums

Believe me, had he just said they were rubbish and he did not like them I might have wept but it would have been for a few brief moments and I might have had something more interesting to say in this post

Now I can admit to having wondered myself for a while about their release But there were reasons - the main one being the intention to present something of the range of my recordings  And these two examples were meant to make a contribution

It may well have been misguided but, as I discovered on reading the reviews of the book BALANCING THE REQUEST TO BE GOOD they often tell you more about the reviewer than the book And on reading this guy's review (and believe me I think only a man could have written it) the word which best suited the occasion was codswallop
I do not as yet have an image to go with this text but hope one will make an appearance soon

PS I see today that the book BALANCING (worth every penny) can be purchased for tuppence on Amazon at The postage, alas, is £2.80