Friday 8 May 2015


The overall title for the material I make available for others to see and hear is SONGS AND IMAGES from GLASGOW HAIDA GWAII and IN-BETWEEN. It was settled a long time ago as indicated on a page on my main web site (clicking on the title will take you there) 

And when I was looking for a good reason to post the photograph below I was reminded of this. There has been much on this site about songs but not very much about images. 

About the photograph: I was very familiar with the figure in a friend's garden but yesterday I noticed that it had acquired a dress of green foliage. And I thought it looked so beautiful - although I can admit to not wearing my glasses at the time - I should take a picture of it.

It was only later, with my glasses on, that I saw clearly the flower and the bud touching its mouth 

The experience also reminded me of another, also in a friend's garden, and 
I had written some words about that one

Lots of sparrows sat
In ones twos and threes
Eating the seeds
Bouncing off the leaves
In the garden

The marguerites were out
Full opened white
Reacting to a hazy sun
And overcast light

For water the sparrows
Had found a gutter
Blocked with debris
From a winter of rain

Through the house doors which were open
Came the sound of a singer
Repeating the same song
Over and over again

The woman who lived there
For the first time in her life
Ignored her hair in the mirror
As she passed it by

To pour a hot cup of tea
For a friend who was sat in the garden
Writing this description
Of the scene