Saturday 30 May 2015


Yesterday, a small selection of tracks on Bandcamp was given the title MOSTLY SPOKEN. Then it was removed and the title changed to SOFT and MOSTLY SPOKEN before being changed again to SOFT or MOSTLY SPOKEN. This is a ruse to assist with the task of gathering together more of the tracks which are lying around with no set place to go 

The selection will not now be appearing on Bandcamp until it is complete. 

At the time of writing this the selection includes a half spoken version of LIKE THE SEA ROLLING IN, a recent recording of MY LOVE IS VELVET, an old version of the track LIKE AN OLD TIN CAN - (I never liked the drums which had been added) This is a plain acoustic version -although it does have a relatively quiet beat provided by a drum machine

Also included are four small songs which had been languishing somewhere for a while. They were, once upon a time, combined to play for 3 mins 23 secs (I doubt if Neil would have approved of the act of combining them). They have now been separated. 

When the selection has been completed and remastered it will uploaded again on Bandcamp.  

My intention to gather together most of the tracks for this selection before re-uploading it to Bandcamp was overtaken by my wish to put MY LOVE IS VELVET out there. The link is