Wednesday 6 May 2015


Words this morning were prompted by two photograph of trams
and the news that Joni Mitchell was unwell. The photographs were warmly received. The hope is that Ms Mitchell will fully recover very soon

                       THE SAP proudly recalls riding on a tram just like the one in this photograph 

The photograph showing High Possil Secondary School in the background is displayed here with the permission of Sue (representing Larry 'who took loads of photographs of old Glasgow') and Milton Glasgow Memories on Facebook 
It was sent to me by Isabel Whyte who knows the area well. And the tram which The Sap often rode into downtown Glasgow (and which was remembered, about 45 years on, by Mrs Margaret Whyte) was the No 22

Before The Sap became a sap
The Sap rode in a tram 
From up at Possil High School
To Hope Street, with a man

Who spoke to her of painting
Who liked the way she sang
Who set her on the path towards
Performing with a band

Until The Sap became a sap
(tho doomed to head that way) 
She rarely looked back with regret
At all she'd failed to say 

To others who were loving
It's much the same today 
As Joni told us long ago
We're slow to learn 
What matters most
So slow we often let it go
And only know
When it has gone
How much we should have 
Treasured love and kept it 
Safe and strong

The following link will take you to a full list of Glasgow Corporation Tram Routes from 1871 - 1973