Wednesday 13 May 2015


This evening a new blog was painlessly conceived. Indeed it was accompanied by much self induced laughter. Tomorrow - who knows - it may provide more enjoyment. And if so it will be very welcome

A few mornings later the laughter had subsided but the idea had remained. More will be said very soon.

Very soon.
There will be a SAPSYNONYMOUS CLUB. So far there are two possible members. Me and 'another'

Members will be ANONYMOUS. The criteria for becoming one will be varied.
First up one will be required to admit that, at some time in one's life (in relation to matters of love and romance) one has behaved like a sap. Or if one prefers a chump, a patsy or a dolt. All other synonyms  were too potentially demeaning.

Masochists will not be eligible.

And an important question was asked. Might such a club be of any use to anyone other than the two possible members already identified? Catering to oneself and one other only had little appeal.

And following on from that question came others.

Check in again for what they were and to find out what will be required of members.