Monday 4 May 2015


On the morning of May 3rd I remembered that I had written some words about a shop but I was uncertain where they were.  I assumed they would be in one of the books of words and lyrics which had been printed over the past few years. 

And it was then I decided I needed to stop writing any more words. I needed to reacquaint myself with all those which were in the various printed books and 
in the many other unsorted notebooks

It was time to take stock. The image I had in my head was of the small shop on the corner of street where I lived as a child.

And I was pleased to have made that decision. I would now set about implementing it - without delay.

Then unexpectedly some words arrived in my head. They were about a shop which had to shut before it could open again. And I wrote them down. They will need to be worked on to become anything more than words in short lines. But I think they contain a message for me which I am trying to understand. 

Below are the words about the shop. At least I now know where they can be found. 

This song is a picture
Of a shop in a side street
With no shopkeeper in sight
And nothing in the window

On the shop door however
Is a badly written sign
Saying please move on
There’s nothing for you 
To buy

Nothing left to sell
Nothing left at all
Nothing left of value
Behind this door

It came off its hinges
Some time ago
The only way to fix it
Was to bolt it closed

It’ll stay closed from now on
A new door was once tried
But the space it needs to fill
Is an irregular size

As for the shop it’s unlikely
To open again
It’s been so long closed
No one remembers
What it sold

But it stays there somehow
More as a reminder
Of things that could be bought
When the world was somewhat kinder

Or is that just a notion
That’s been passed on over years
But whether that or not
Doesn't matter a jot
As the sign says on the door -
Please move on
If there was
There is no more

As the badly written sign says
On the badly fitted door
Please move on
If there was there is no more