Monday 5 October 2015


As my ideas about getting heard, showing off, performing for others have, over many years, been overlaid with all sorts of influences - it is hard to be straight and clear about why I continue to do it in one form or another

And particularly when it seems - having decided to make a book of what I have posted so far - I have arrived at a place where I could stop and seriously reconsider what I have been doing 

This natural break could be providing, for example, an opportunity to escape - and on two fronts - from the material which goes into the posts and from the posting of it

In favour of continuing however are the following observations
The blog serves me very well  It helps me to sort out my thoughts and some of my ideas and is a reminder (because I frequently forget) of what I have been doing And I am also undoubtedly delighted when I discover that others have found WHAT I WANT AND NEED TO DO to be of interest to them

The same can be said about the songs and other things I make

Also as I work on the book I am continually reminded of the songs and words which are still around in a state of disarray. In particular are songs which I would like to re- record (and may even be worthy of further attention) and loads of words that may or may not be worthy of anything 

So perhaps taking time out to work on the book will bring about a major change in what I intend to do in future or perhaps it will only allow for a valuable rethink before setting off again