Friday 24 July 2015


Nowadays when I see myself in a mirror, or more alarmingly, reflected in my ipad before the icons appear, I see the kind of woman I would prefer not to know

But in the photograph I am trying out here and on Bandcamp - the Picasa CinemaScope facility has chopped off the top and bottom for me and in the process thankfully removed several chins  As a result, I see someone I might have liked and it makes me wish I had tried harder to do so when I knew her back then

This information - as with all the rest that I have put on this blog may only be of interest to me And if so I have decided that is OK - why not?

But obviously there has also been an underlying wish for it to be of some value - in some way or other - to others And after writing the bit about trying harder to like myself - I wondered if the sentiment expressed might also be of use to someone else Someone who, on this day in July, might consider having another go at liking themselves - just as they are right now
And I might do the same 

And if you would like a song to go with the sentiment expressed what about the old and very sentimental STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE 
The links below are for three different versions from You Tube

The first is a 1934 recording by Ambrose and His Orchestra (with a Sam Browne vocal) This is followed by Nat King Cole and the third (and my favourite) is by Ruth Etting  

If the comments are of no interest I hope you'll like the music