Wednesday 22 July 2015


Caution: convoluted comment

On deciding to call this post SAD SADDER AND SANE

Once again, I can't be sure which came first. Did I decide to put three tracks together and upload them on Bandcamp - which meant I would need a title and an image? Or did I decide to use the Sap blog to explore the idea of putting three tracks on Bandcamp- which meant I would need a title and an image?

But whichever came first I do know that I had got stuck with the title and if I intended to use it - it would require some sort of explanation  Or I might try to find another title - which for some reason did not appeal. Or I might ask myself the question: do I really need to explain the reasoning behind the choice? And the answer was yes

No one I am sure will dispute that there is a lot of sadness around in the world - and there's not much one can do about much of it  

And, as can be imagined there is loads of information on line about different kinds of sadness Of all I read I liked '
sadness is like a fingerprint - it is unique'  and ' I hate long bus rides. It makes me sad in ways I cannot understand

And if you have got this far you may be ruminating on your own particular brand while I get back to the kind of sadness which finds its way into my songs

And that is also a sadness about which, at times, I can't do much 

But I do know that attempting to avoid or deny it can lead to it getting played out - albeit often unconsciously - in ways that can impact negatively on others And that this can create even more sadness - so that is definitely something to avoid whenever possible 

However, acknowledging its existence does not mean I want to dwell on it, dote on it or devote myself to it - I want to understand it best I can, be alert to it and recognize it within myself - whether it be old sadness, new sadness or a confluence of both And along with the acknowledgement comes the hope that by giving it space and opportunity to have its say the prospects for moving on from it - for reaching a more sane and less sad situation -will be improved  

The three combined tracks with the title SAD SADDER AND SANE are very much in line with that intention

So, sadness has its say in the first track  And it gets a further opportunity in the second one  But in the third track the sadness gets left behind and love takes over with the overriding mood being one of tenderness laced with a sense that sanity will eventually prevail 

To be more specific about the tracks: the first is a recent acoustic only version of a song entitled GO ON THEN This is followed by the spoken word track OUT TO THE WILDS (featured in the previous post) and the third and concluding track is the WILD BISCUIT version of WHERE THE LAST TIDE RUNS  

Track three also has the subtitle A SONG OF TLELL and that has dictated the choice of another image of clouds - this time of Clouds over Tlell 

The photograph is by Jennifer Davies of Tlell 

I had been considering the upload and the writing of this post for several weeks The reasons for the delay are many but now that the tracks are out there perhaps, in keeping with my ideas on the subject, it will allow me to leave behind some of the sadness expressed 

The link to hearing the three combined tracks on Bandcamp is

PS  For anyone not familiar with my songs -  sadness features in many of them - although it does not always receive direct mention 
Perhaps the song which does address the subject most directly is the one entitled THERE'S AN OLD SADNESS IN ME  It can be heard on the Bandcamp link at