Thursday 23 July 2015


It was probably about the beginning of 2009 when I began to make a determined effort to get some of my songs heard  Until then, on one level, I thought of them as having been put aside while I was involved in a more important activity But I also always felt that if I survived long enough I would want to do something with them

When I eventually returned to them I was not yet free of other responsibilities and the first attempts to get them 'out there' were rather disorganized and hesitant  There was much to learn 

That learning process was accelerated with my introduction to Bandcamp - although this did not happen until 2011  

Bandcamp, of all the sites I have used then and since, provided the kind of facilities which fitted well with my way of doing things Songs could be uploaded as wav files, photographs and text could be easily changed

The payment arrangements on the site are the only ones I have never understood but as I have so far in my life not been interested in obtaining money for what I want and choose to do that was not a problem

When thinking about the songs getting them heard the desirable scenario was one in which a total stranger who knew nothing of me or my work would inadvertently hear one of my songs and like it - a lot  And this has happened many times now

But the purpose of this post is not to provide me with an opportunity to boast - although I am presently not against finding some positives in what I do - the comments are intended to set the scene for the introduction of some statistics from Bandcamp 

In the screen shot below, which I took on Wednesday July 22nd, can be seen how many times the songs on Bandcamp have been visited (they do not always get a complete listen) between April 2011 and July 2015  These are the top ten

And top of the list is  . . . .BAD GIRL BLUES!

Which reminded me that a good friend gave me a gift after hearing the song and thinking - mistakenly - that I was the bad girl in the story  She probably wanted to reassure me that I was not all bad - which of course I knew 
I can however identify closely with some aspects of the bad girl's situation and I do find the lure of life as a blackbird in a little nest with no doors very appealing 

Below is a photograph of the gift I received

The song BAD GIRL BLUES can be heard on Bandcamp using the link below