Saturday 11 July 2015


The previously mentioned words entitled OUT TO THE WILDS (they have been recorded and may appear on Bandcamp sometime) speak of the seeking of some peace of mind This post is about the seeking of a different piece - a piece of pizza pie

And I have been cautioned about describing in too much detail where it can be found Because one of the pleasures of arriving at the door of MOON OVER NAIKOON -where the pizza is made eaten and enjoyed - is that your search for it may have been difficult but it has been successful

But pizza is not all you will find there and while it is not my intention to itemize the various other delights on the menu it could be considered wicked not to mention the cinnamon buns

So get yourself to Haida Gwaii and try a piece of pizza pie It can't be bettered anywhere Might move you close to where despair No longer holds you in its beak and morsels of the peace you seek May land upon your feet

PS I republished this on July 11th as I wanted to keep it at the top of the posts