Thursday 12 May 2016


The blogs which are, or soon will be in use - are listed below 

The one you are on - if you are reading this - is SO SAID THE SAP It will continue to exist if nought else as a reminder of the sap I can be Although saying that reminds me of a lyric in which I decide not to be one 

So I'll break away from here, find it (if I can) and put it on LYRICS OF A SORT at  

The blog belongs with my other work although as it all comes from the same source it does not feel like a separate activity 

And this one provides a place for the lyrics of the poet and playright Joan Ure

The blog which for a while took on information which did not belong on SO SAID THE SAP is This has now been emptied before a new role for it is decided 

The idea for a book prompted the acquisition of a blog of a possible title - before it had disappeared (as blog names are inclined to do) 
To date there is nothing on there The book will be called BEFORE AND SINCE and the blog will be