Monday 9 May 2016


Below is the overflow from 2012 and it begins with another example of an unrehearsed recorded selection of old songs The best bit in this one is the reference to the RUBBER BAND And as I am fond of the image and used for it on the page MOOCH and SMOOCH on my web site at I will use it again here

Mooch 32 November 24th 2012
Part One 8.22

  1. Nobody knew
  2. What the hell's going on
  3. I want to live forever with you
  4. I am with you
  5. Running over
  6. No matter what I say
  7. Several aborted attempts at Joan Ure's I cannot send you any flowers
  8. When You Found Out What I Really Was
Part Two 15.44
  1. I've waited a long time
  2. Never before
  3. You'll like It at the Water Works
  4. You come on over me
  5. We could live in a hut
  6. House with the windows
  7. Sail me like a boat
  8. Like an iceberg
  9. As you wrapped
  10. Your suitcase is packed
  11. As you are moving up the mountain
  12. I looked alright this morning
  13. Seven cats
Part Three 7:59
  1. So another day has gone
  2. Where the last tide runs
  3. Introducing the Rubber Band
  4. From my room
  5. Loneliness
  6. There was no need of me
Third Eye Live  Released November 22nd 2012

        I Don't Believe You Care 01:24
        I'd Like To Take You To The Forest 02:28
        You Tell Me Nothing 01:25
        For You 00:22
        Sail Me (Like A Boat) 00:48
        Like An Iceberg 01:51
        I Am With You 01:30
        A Piece of Rag 00:14
        That Wind 01:28
        Somehow 01:32
        When I Say You Owe Me Nothing (Joan Ure) 02:32
        I Have Just Made You a Love Song (Joan Ure) 03:04
        Where The Last Tide Runs 00:55
        No Matter What I Say 03:06
        I Think You Might Dry Her Eyes 00:47
        I Need You 00:47
        At Four O'Clock 00:18
        Two Sparrows 03:19
        There Was No Need of Me 00:35
        Thank you and Clapping 00:24

It was only after my performance at the THIRD EYE in Glasgow that I was told it had been recorded My memory is of rushing through the songs with as little time as possible between most of the tracks -and a strong desire to get it over with

Why anyone might wish to perform at all is not clear to me - if it ever was But once an arrangement has been made to stand up in front of people and do so can certainly bring a different dynamic to ones approach and relationship with the material

For an opinion on whether or not this is a help or a hindrance for a singer, or a writer of songs, I would suggest seeking an answer elsewhere 

PS the wonky text in the Mooch 32 lists is refusing to change It will be worked on again - soon