Tuesday 3 May 2016


This idea is taking shape as I write

The option of presenting in a pdf file a complete list of the material (which in one form or another and on one site or another is out there) is being abandoned! 

Instead of a long detailed document I will be posting the information in more easy to access chunks 

And within those chunks can be links to the songs and words This should provide fresh impetus to the task of getting them heard whilst saving me from a potentially wearisome direct attempt to do so

There are numerous possible links to the songs but only one for each of them will be provided

Chunk One

Anyone who knows anything of the songs I have written will be aware of Wild Biscuit Music www.wildbiscuit.com and how important they have been And so it will not be surprising to see that they were heavily involved in the first significant chunk of released material Also, as further chunks are posted on this site their involvement throughout this phase of my life - and work - will be evident 

The first three songs to be submitted to CD Baby for distribution were arranged by John V Saich and Mags Russell of Wild Biscuit Music They were on the EP entitled Where the last tide runs 

Where the last tide runs - EP Released January 1st 2009
1.   The house with the windows 2,54
2.   Remembering Mr Toast 1.34
3.   Where the last tide runs 2.01


The second group of songs released on CDBaby were also arranged by Wild Biscuit

Where the pebbles grind and scrape- EP Released January 10th 2009
1.   I've waited a long time 1:33
2.   Somehow 1:26

A seventh song (see below) also arranged by Wild Biscuit, was combined with these two EPs 

Last night I dreamed about Doris Lessing - single  Released January 11th 2009

Last night I dreamed about Doris Lessing 2:04


At a later date, the seven songs were re-ordered to become the album MORE LIKE A RIVER THAN A ROAD


This album provides a good demonstration of how the wish to get songs out there took precedence over other considerations I.e. I couldn't wait until there were enough tracks for a complete EP  And as the songs were not worked on as a group the process which led to them becoming a complete album happened over a period of several months 

The album was re-released at a much later date (2013) with a different image on the insert

And after making that comment I have decided to use the image on this post It will also re-affirm for me the importance of that special place in my life, between the river and the sea and beside the brown river rising