Sunday 8 May 2016


If i were to try to remember what I was doing in 2011 I might understand why nothing much happened But I have no intention of doing that It might bring back memories I can do without

With these tracks comes another example of a tendency to impatiently release songs as singles rather than wait until they become a full shilling
Bluebird take me away - single  Released September 28th 2011

Alone on the Road: with Fraser Spiers on blues harp Released September 28th 2011

Hello Singing Bird - remastered - single Released October 10th 2011
From my room   Released October 10th 2011

Cut Feet and Empty Shoes - album Released October 10th 2011

       There's An Old Sadness In Me 03:02
        When Are You Going To Phone Me 03:01
        As You Wrapped The String Around Me 02:27
        Universal Energy 03:14
        Mr Moon: I'm Working Against Time 04:33
        I Don't Believe You Care 03:23
        Rock Me Like A Child 03:59
        Alone On The Road 03:38
        Don't Hold The Hurt To Make It Easy 02:47
        From My Room 02:24
        The Not Enough Song 03:28
        I Am With You 02:04
        Never Before 04:50
Bluebird Take me Away came into being after being discovered by Brian Young of Ca Va studios Glasgow on an old cassette tape He liked something about it well enough to engineer an overdubbing The end result was a sound different from the others on the album and it was eventually included on the CUT FEET EMPTY SHOES album as a hidden track

The album can be heard and purchased on several site but probably the easiest to access (for the purpose of trying it out and having a listen free of charge) is Bandcamp The link is

The image for this album was originally entitled Cat on the Back and is from a painting of mine