Sunday 8 May 2016


In 2012 it looks like I made a significant move into recording spoken word tracks Before this I can only remember recording TWO INCHES TALL Fortunately Wild Biscuit heard this, liked it and provided an arrangement 
Tom Conti then heard that version and decided he would also like to record it 
Mags and John produced Tom's recording in a Glasgow Studio and there is mention of it on their site at

But before we get to the rather long lists of spoken word tracks another of those one off recordings - this time entitled TO THE FOREST - requires mention

Included in the selection and of interest - to me anyway - is a song I wrote during Wimbledon It was at a time Martina Navratilova was being unkindly commented on by some in the British press who were much more interested in her relationships than in the quality of her tennis

Apart from its appearance in TO THE FOREST it is one of the songs which are lying around rather neglected but which I think would benefit from some further work - my preference would be for a rumbustious overdub by 'others'

Nothing has been managed so far but I do return to it occasionally - and especially when I hear of a young person being treated badly because of their sexual preferences  And  I recently got an old recording of it mastered as an acoustic only track only so something useful may yet happen 
Meanwhile, the lyric can be seen on the new LYRICS OF A SORT blog at

To the Forest - album  Released February 2nd 2012   

1.You Are Lovely 02:06
2.And You Lied To Me 01:47
3.This Is No Way To Spend An Evening 02:44
4.Coming Out Clean 02:26
5.We Could Live In A Hut 01:34
6.Seven Cats 02:12
7.No I Don't See Lizzie Anymore 02:21
8.I Could Look For You Forever 02:15
9.You Led Me Blindly 03:23
10.I'd Like To Take You To The Forest 03:13
11.I Can Taste You 00:34
12.Don't Be Ashamed Sister 02:23
13.There Was No Need Of Me 02:19
14.I've Got To Let You Go 01:46

The words from the following four selections of spoken word tracks were used in a book which I had printed on LULU at

The Inescapable Road: words that might be songs Released June 22nd June 2012

        Sheltered From The Knocks of Love (free) 01:35
        The Thought Of You 01:01
        When I Was A Bad Girl 01:01
        Outside In The Rain 01:21
        Sheep and Lambs 00:31
        Men Are Maniacs 01:04
        A Perfect Landing 00:56
        Done and Dusted 00:52
        Silloth and Beyond 00:41
        A Little Bit Of Sunshine 01:00
        Getting Fitted In - and Up 00:55
        I've Got A Song For k.d.lang 01:21
        The Pale Dog 01:06
        A Ticketless Life 00:57
        A Friend In The Garden 00:53
        A Round Of Clappies 00:49
        Subsidiary Connects 01:06
        An Irrevocable Moment 00:40
        Never to Part 00:27
        Dumped and Dumped 01:04
        On My Own Road Again 00:56

Heartbreak Land: and thereabouts    Released June 20th 2012

        So You Said 01:58
        This Could Be Heartbreak Land I'm In 00:51
        Love Can Be A Scraggy Thing 01:05
        Not Enough 00:30
        The Shop 01:25
        A Coup De Foudre 00:20
        Uncertain Knees 00:17
        A Piece of Metaphorical Pie 01:40
        My Best Shot 01:36
        No Cat No Dog 00:22
        Axons Like Cats 00:364
        Straw Doll 01:51
        Another Dream 01:57
        The All or The Nothing 00:28
        When Your Dog is a Dog 00:32
        Last Long Journey 01:24
        Too Afraid To Ask 01:05
        A Velvet Glove 01:06

On The Road To Sundrie: more that might be Released June 30th 2012

        On the Road to Sundrie 01:11
        Finding My Heart Again 00:40
        A Jump in the Lake 00:47
        Like An Old Tin Can 01:34
        Celestial Desire 00:58
        Doubt 00:49
        Love's Crazy Game 00:49
        From the Feet Up 00:40
        Turned Inside Out 01:14
        This Yearning For You 00:41
        The Reckless Tree 00:42
        A Pair of Shoes 01:08
        Fears and Reservations 01:32
        What a Day 00:39
        Up From Wyoming 00:54
        Out in Oklahoma 00:58
        One Step Behind 00:32
        Human Race 00:39
        Seriousness 01:06
        A Serious Bitch 00:23
        Falling About 01:19
        The Child Has Returned 01:03
        Thankyou Jesus 00:46
        Between the Beginning and the End 01:33     

The Bay and Beyond  Released July 3rd 2012

        Three Ducks 00:47
        The Day's So Sweet 00:30
        The Parade 00:51
        That Kind of Day 00:48
        Up to the Ankles 01:01
        A Light Crust 00:49
        Oh Ducks 00:33
        The Sea is Like a Pool 00:28
        Big Black Bird 00:44
        More Seagulls 00:52
        Not One Duck 00:46
        Pale Sun (One) 00:43
        Pale Sun (Two) 00:37
        We Sailed There in a Boat 01:10
        Moon Over Masset 00:36
        The Night Settles Down 00:42
        Waiting for the Day 01:03
        Blue Water's Edge 00:47

There are two other selections belonging with the 2012 releases but, as this post was becoming very long, they have been been given a separate place in the next one