Wednesday 11 May 2016


Beginning with the ever desirable Coup de Foudre what follows is a list of all that has been released - in alphabetical order
If I could I would do so many things - other than present the releases in a very long list 
Those were the frustrated words of yesterday but like so much in life if one perseveres for long enough an aspired to outcome can often be achieved And the two columns are surely better than one 
There is still some tidying to do but other tasks await attention - and they are about to get some

A Coup De Foudre ssx
A Friend In The Garden
A Jump in the Lake
A Light Crust
A Little Bit of Sunshine
A Longing Goes to Rest
A Pair of Shoes
A Perfect Landing
A Piece of Metaphorical Pie
A Piece of Rag
A Round Of Clappies
A Serious Bitch
A Ticketless Life
A Triple Whammy
A Velvet Glove
All Gone All Gone All Gone Away
Alone on the Road
An Irrevocable Moment
And You Lied To Me
Another Dream
As you are Moving up the Mountain
As You Wrapped The String Around Me
At Four O'Clock
Axons Like Cats
Baby How Long
Back Home
Back up from Down
Bad Girl Blues
Be at Peace Kiddo
Because you put a Red Rag in my Washing Machine
Been such a Fine Day
Beneath the Apple Tree
Between the Beginning and the End
Big Black Bird
Blue Water's Edge
Bluebird take me Away
Blunt face man
But Black Is The Colour
Celestial Desire
Clapped Out
Clown in a Pram
Coming Out Clean
Corunna Street
Dance On
Dark Nights
Did I Do Something Wrong Again
Did you sleep in the Snow Mr Toast
Done and Dusted
Don't Be Ashamed Sister 
Don't Hold The Hurt To Make It Easy
Don't Sigh Even Slightly
Drink To Me Only
Dumped and Dumped
Education pays the Nation
Every Night When the Sun goes In
Failure Suits Me Falling About
Fears and Reservations
Finding My Heart Again
First time ever
For You
From a tree
From Deep Down in the Locker
From My Room
From the Feet Up
Geese Don't Walk Too Easily on Grass
Getting Fitted In - and Up
Giving Love the Shove
Go on Then
Go 'way From My Window
Golden Slumbers
Good and Gone
Good Days Bad Days
Goodbye Baby Blues
Got you here
Had to work right on through you
How Long Blues
Hello Singing Bird
Human Race
Humpty Dumpty Mended
I'm Santa Claus I am Yours
I'd Like To Take You To The Forest
If It Had Not Been So Dark
If Religion Was A Thing That Money Could Buy
I Am a Shadow of Myself
I Am With You in Your Sleeping
I can Taste You in the Wood of my Room
I Cannot Send You Any Flowers
I Could Look For You Forever
I Don't Believe you Care
I Have Just Made You a Love Song (Joan Ure)
I Know Now What I Thought I Knew
I look you Look
I looked alright this morning
I love sheep
I Need You
I Think You Might Dry Her Eyes
I Walked Out One Morning
I want to Know You
I Want to Live Forever With You.
I Wanted a Rerun
I was Sitting on the Beach
I’m San
I'll play you Sweetly
I'll take the House with the Windows
I'm Feeling Lost Bring Me Home
I'm Giving my Head a Rest
I'm Giving Up I'm Not All There
In a Very Green Field
In Bed I'm Really Me
In-between Houses
Into the Bin
The Rubber Band
It Could Have Been a Knock on the Door
It Didn't Mean a Thing
It is Delightful for Some
It Was Such a Lovely Day
It's Done and Dusted
It's Getting Harder all the Time
I've Been Wandering Early
I've Got A Song For k.d.lang
I've Got To Let You Go
I've Waited a Long Time
Keeping Hurt from the Door
La Bonne Fee
Last Long Journey
Last Night I Dreamed About Doris Lessing
Let me Tell you How they Did it
Like a Sweet Warm Light
Like An Iceberg
Like An Old Tin Can
Like the Sea Rolling In
Loneliness aka Tell me That Now
Love Can Be A Scraggy Thing
Love Oh Love Oh Careless Love
Love's Crazy Game
Men Are Maniacs
Moments of Peace
Moon Over Masset
More Like Spam
More Seagulls
Mr Moon: I'm Working Against Time
My Best Shot
My friend likes the country
My Love is velvet
My one and only
Naked as the Day I was Born
Never Before
Never leave a bottle with its top off
Never to Part
No Cat No Dog
No I Don't See Lizzie Anymore
No Matter What I Say
No time left child
Nobody Knew
Not All There
Not Always Safe To Touch
Not Enough
Not One Duck Oh Ducks
Oh Shenandoah
Old lady moon
Old Woman on the Road
On My Own Road Again
On the Highway of Blame
On the Road to Haida Gwaii
On the Road to Sundrie
On the Way to Live Out Life
Once I Had a Lover
One Step Behind Out in Oklahoma
Out to the Wilds
Outside In The Rain
Pale Sun (One)
Pale Sun (Two) Ready for discharge
Remembering Mr Toast
Rock Me Like A Child
Running Over
Sail Me Like a Boat
Seven Cats
Shall we go to Mexico
She put my baby in the drawer
Sheep and Lambs
Sheltered From The Knocks of Love
Silloth and Beyond
So Another Day has gone
So Said the Sap
So You Said
Softly along the summer shore
Somehow (everything from my suitcase has got scattered on the road)
Stay with it baby (Joan Ure)
Still I Love You
Straw Doll
Subsidiary Connects
Surely no it could not happen
Taking a Tumble
Taking it down
Tell Me That Now
Thankyou and Clapping
Thankyou Jesus
That Kind of Day
That Wind
The All or The Nothing
The Boat
The Child Has Returned
The Day's So Sweet
The Good the Kind the Bad the Mean
The House With The Windows
The Irrevocable Moment
The Long Last Journey T
he Mountain
The Night Settles Down
The Not Enough Song
The Pale Dog
The Parade
The Play
The Price
The Reckless Tree
The Sea is Like a Pool
The Shop
The Something More
The Thought of You
There is No Place for Me Babe
There Was No Need of Me
There's An Old Sadness In Me
This Could Be Heartbreak Land I'm In
This Is No Way To Spend An Evening
This Time
This Yearning For You
Three Ducks
Through the Hedge
Today Our Love Has Flown Away
Tonight I could readily say to the world
Too Afraid To Ask
Took you down sailing
Turned Inside Out
Two Inches Tall
Two Sparrows
Uncertain Knees
Universal Energy
Up From Wyoming
Up to the Ankles
Waiting for the Day
Walking Talking
We Could Live in a Hut
We Sailed There in a Boat
What a Day
What the Hell
When Are You Going To Phone Me
When I became a blackbird
When I get up tomorrow
When I Grow Too Old To Dream
When I Say You Owe Me Nothing (Joan Ure)
When The Sun Rose This Morning
When the Truth Came Out
When We Fell Out
When You Asked If I Loved You
When You Found Out
When you Give Yourself to Love
When Your Dog is a Dog
Where The Last Tide Runs
Where The Pebbles Grind and Scrape
White Wings
Wild Mountain Thyme
With a Smile in Your Eyes
With You in My Life
You and My Mother
You are Lovely
You are walking through the Town
You Come On Over Me,
You don't know my mind
You had me believing
You Led Me Blindly
You Tell Me Nothing
You with your eyes open
You'll Like It at The Water Works
Your Suitcase is Packed